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Mold testing is not always necessary, but sometimes it is. In fact, many  mold specialists agree that if you see mold, it’s enough to treat it, and that testing mold is not always necessary. However, if your insurance requires it, or if you have specific health concerns that may be mold related, you really should have your home tested for mold.

Mold Testing

Mold Testing can be arranged through our appointment process.

Some people could use an independent, third party testing agency, and that is fine, as the results are the same. if you use a mold remediation company, that they use a third party testing agency themselves, but it saves you a step. Mold Testing agencies should not give any information on how to deal with the issue, or charge you for remediation; they should only test the mold and tell you what it is.

There are also a few ways you can test for mold. The most common is a rapid scratch test, which involves collecting a small sample of the mold and applying it to various chemicals to determine the reaction. This is best handled by professionals that know what they are doing though. We will come out and offer the mold testing service before we estimate the job.

More involved mold testing may involve sending samples to a mold testing facility, or taking samples of the air to test, If there is no visible mold, but mold is suspected, you will need a mold test. Testing for mold may cost as little as $20 for a home kit or as much as $500 for professional testing. Keep in mind, though, most mold remediation services will proceed the same way regardless of what type of mold is found in your home.

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