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Mold remediation services are performed by our expert team 24/7. Mold exists naturally in the air inside and outside of your home. It is important to know that, it is not possible to completely “remove” all of the mold from within a home or a building, because microscopic spores will still exist even after the mold problem has been addressed.

Mold remediation removes and cleans mold colonies and excessive mold growth from surfaces inside your home. Mold remediation will get mold levels back to what is considered “normal” for your area and air humidity levels. Because it is not possible to guarantee the absolute complete “removal” of all the mold in a building, most companies offer what is known as remediation services, which is the cleaning and removing the mold problem from your home.

The mold remediation process is done in steps. For example: Level 1 of mold remediation is used for small, isolated areas of mold up to 10 square feet. Level 2 mold remediation covers square footage from 10 to 30 square feet.

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How the Mold Remediation process works:
Mold remediation is a multi-step process. It begins after the mold area has been thoroughly dried. Large fans and dehumidifiers are often necessary to help dry the moldy area before mold remediation can begin. In addition, if the source of the moisture or leak has not been fixed, this needs to occur first.

Then, once the area is dry, a professional inspection begins by our experts at ServiceProExperts, it is at this time that any testing also begins. Not all mold remediation companies will test the mold; as this is only done on request if there is believed to be another, underlying issue. We usually recommend the testing.

The moldy area that is being treated is then sealed, because mold spores can easily travel once they are disturbed. Then our Air filtration systems are usually used in conjunction with the sealing of the area as this wil remove as many airborne spores as possible and will prevent spread. Sealing the area involves the use of both physical barriers, such as plastic sheeting, and often, negative air pressure will be used, which prevents the circulation of the air between the contaminated space and the areas around it. Also, all heating, cooling, and fans in the area will be turned off to prevent the mold from spreading as well.

The air is then cleaned using a combination of “air scrubbers” as well as special HEPA vacuums that will remove any mold particles or spores from the air.

Cleaning of all mold affected surfaces begins next. An anti-fungal and an antimicrobial cleanser are used on any hard surfaces to remove the mold from the surface. Also it is important that other items be removed, such as furniture, clothing, or toys, these items are generally brought offsite for cleaning to make sure all mold spores are eradicated. This process usually involves deep cleaning with an anti-fungal or antimicrobial cleanser as well.

Odors are then removed from the area using fogging equipment to get rid of any musty smells that the mold may leave behind.

We often must tear-out of any surfaces that cannot be cleaned. These areas include drywall 1, carpeting, wallpaper, and other surfaces that may be mold affected. Then new surfaces are installed following the removal of the old surfaces. This may be as simple as putting up a single sheet of drywall 1, or it may involve the complete tear-out and renovation of an entire room depending on the level of damage and mold growth. Then mold remediation is complete.

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