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Getting a Mold Inspection done can be important. You may be at risk for health problems arising from exposure to mold, allergens, radon or other environmental hazards that threaten indoor clean air quality.

Have you experienced Allergy like symptoms, asthma type breathing problems? Have you had any water intrusion in your home/business such as a damp basement, condensation or leaking roof? A mold inspection may be in order.

When conducting a mold inspection, we look for things out of the ordinary inside a property. Following are some examples of common things that we come across: Excess moisture/humidity, visible mold growth, strange or musty smells, stains on walls, and recent water damage. These are some of the reasons people often give us a call to evaluate a property with a mold inspection. The mold inspection is often the first step in any mold removal or mold remediation process.

Mold Inspection

Mold is naturally occurring all around us, all the time. Every home and business has mold spores throughout their indoor environment as it makes its way in through the outside. However, these species of fungus is of the non-toxic variety and when a mold test is performed it should be seen at low levels. So when we begin the mold inspection process, we take an outside air sample from your area to see what is normal and compare it to an inside sample and see if elevated conditions exist or not.

Our Nashville mold inspection expert will also do a full visual of your property with tools like a moisture meter to identify any possible red flag areas like visible mold growth or walls holding excess moisture. If we do find anything, we will recommend additional air and/or surface samples through a mold test to both confirm a source of a problem and/or see how far it has spread. So if you have elevated mold conditions, you will be provided with a detailed protocol for mold removal and mold remediation so you can get your property returned to normal.

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